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#1 Entrance
#2 Boys Dorm
#3 Girls Dorm
#4 Cafeteria
#5 Boys Activity Room
#6 Girls Activity Room
#7 Library
#8 Computer Lab
#9 Pavilion
#10 Outdoor Courts
#11 Gym
#12 Weight Room

US Youth Services Campus
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Boys Dorm Rooms

US Youth Services dorm rooms are clean and spacious. Dorm rooms have a maximum of 4 students per room with youth leaders in each room to mentor and assist struggling students. Each Dorm room is equipped with its own private bathroom and shower. Dorm rooms are supervised 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. The dorm structure provides safety, structure, privacy, and security to students around the clock.


US Youth Services Students eat three well balanced meals a day in the cafeteria in addition to a healthy piece of fruit before bedtime. Students also learn responsibility as they advance in the program by working in the lunch room serving and cleaning supporting the concept that the best way to learn to be responsible is to have responsibility.

Activity Room

US Youth Services students can use the activity rooms to play games, relax, watch approved videos, and many other quality leisure activities.


US Youth Services students go to the library once a week to check out, renew, or return books. US Youth Services schedules time into the day so that all students have time each day to practice and enjoy reading. Many students who come to US Youth Services with a lack of interest in reading leave with a passion for reading.


The campus pavilion is a great place to sit back and take in the beautiful outdoors while avoiding the sun. A perfect, shady spot for enjoying a meal or watching a competitive game of basketball, the campus pavilion provides a great outdoor living space.

Outdoor Sports Court

US Youth Services students love to participate in a fun and lively games of basketball, volleyball, and other court-based activities that get students outdoors and moving.


US Youth Services students participate in approximately 1 ½ hours of Physical Education (PE) everyday. US Youth Services’ gym is used for half of each students PE time while the other half of students PE time is spent out side in the various courtyards. Students participate in basketball, volleyball, pickle ball, 4-square, dodge ball, Frisbee, and various other sports.

Weight Room

US Youth Services students who show leadership and progress in their program earn the privilege of lift weights every day.