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US Youth Services Non-Profit Inc., Schools-Acad-Colleges & Unv., Lecompte, LA

US Youth Services stands behind its effectiveness with this exclusive warranty:
If your teen after completing their enrollment slips back into old behavioral or attitude problems at home they may be reenrolled for free.

(See Enrollment Agreement for Details)


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Lowest Possible Cost

Non-Profit Schools can subsidize cost through donations, corporate sponsors, and fundraiser. Thereby reducing the cost to parents. Non-Profit Schools can also often get sales tax and other breaks. Furthermore, Non-profit Schools do not need to add profits into their tuition and fees. This alone can often save parents 20-30%. All of these savings allow US Youth Services To operate these programs at the lowest possible cost for Families

The US Youth Services Facility is located in the heart of Louisiana. It’s rural setting provides a safe, clean, distraction-free environment to help our students get back on track. There is no better place to get a feel for the past and all of its history. Located very close is the Southern Heritage Forestry Museum which is a historic sawmill that exposes you to logging at its birth. The area is also know as the Nursery Capital of the world because of the many different types and abundance of nurseries in the State. There are many forests in our area that allow students to experience hiking while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Another great feature is Avery Island, a salt dome that is not only a natural paradise with wildlife and botanical treasures but also the home of Tabasco sauce. This area boasts a pleasant climate and provides numerous outdoor activities for Teens to enjoy including off grounds activities when earned and appropriate.


Our †Academic Program is designed to help students maximize learning and the earning of credits. Students are not held back by course offerings, teacher lesson plans, or other students in the class. Through the use of state of the art computerized education students are able to move at their own pace. The curriculum has a large selection of elective and required Academic courses available. Students get the chance to work on their classes with new, modern technology including online textbooks, 3D animation, video clips, teaching online, and other multimedia, which makes it the perfect supervised self -paced curriculum that compliments today’s generation.

†See Enrollment Agreement for Details. Courses are subject to eligibility and change. Transfer of High School Credits and College Credits is not guaranteed when a student transfers from one institution to another.
Some courses may require additional fees.

General Information on Transferring Credits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfer_credit


Character building courses are essential to helping our Students gain new insight, motivation and direction here at US Youth Services. Coupled with Skill Building and Personal Development Courses, our Students get the full treatment and learn how to better handle some of the struggles that they are dealing with in everyday life. They learn how to better prepare themselves for future problems, how to handle current problems and how to make the appropriate choices in many different areas of their lives. These classes can be anything from professional audio and videotapes, selective reading material and staff or peer feedback. [/one_half]



US Youth Services provides its students with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week supervision from Staff. This one on one contact that our Students have with our Staff on a consistent basis means our Staff will get to know each and every Student individually and be able to offer individualized positive reinforcement and encouragement. Getting to know our Students is extremely important so we may be able to correct inappropriate attitudes and behaviors and help to turn them around into more productive ones. Our Staff Supervision is designed to help Students get on the right path and Succeed.


Belief Statements

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Jack and Pamela B.

We are taking this opportunity to Thank all of you at the program from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our grandson and giving him the tools such that he has the opportunity to “live,” if he chooses. May you be blessed.

Jennifer W.

I just want to take a moment to tell you what a blessing you are to me and my family. What you do with these kids on a day-to-day basis is amazing! Watching the lives of children transform must be a truly rewarding experience. I am experiencing that transformation right now, not only in my daughter, but in myself through the seminars you have provided for me. I can not put a price on that. How do you say thank you to someone who has given you you again? There are no words to fully express it, but thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Debbie H.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there to help our son regain his greatness. After attending Discovery, Focus and meeting Markus, my husband and I are confident Joseph will be whole again. The confidence and compassion of all the staff I have encountered has reassured me that we truly found the best “program” for our son. The world will be a better place because of these schools who utilize the program, and Thank God for that!

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